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Getpassport.eu - on this website you will be able to check your eligibility for Polish citizenship and Polish (European) passport. Our site was created especially for people who seek fast and quality assistance with confirmation of Polish citizenship procedure - which is needed by Polish emigrants (and their descendants) who want to obtain Polish passport and confirm their links with Poland. Our legal assistance is provided by experienced legal team who already finished more then 1300 citizenship cases with positive results. Our lawyers proceeded cases of clients from USA, Israel, Canada, Australia, Brasil, Argentina and many many more.

To simplify to a maximum procedure of contact with our we prepared this form below. Please check important details about your Polish ancestry and put proper informations in gaps. To eliminate any problems with your connection with Poland please also describe your family history in Poland and history of emigration. We will contact you within 28 hours and inform you if you are eligible to apply for a polish citizenship and passport.

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You can apply for a Polish citizenship for your children without being issued a passport


Even if you dont documents that proove your Polish citizenship these documents may be obtained from Polish archives


Military service in foreign armies before 1951 usually resulted in loose of Polish citzenship, but this rule is not absolute!